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Our Services


JSA offers consultation, strategy development, and services not outlined below based on an hourly rate of $120/hr.

What We

Branding Audit

JSA will conduct an audit of the current website, marketing efforts, and social media channels for supportive content structure, search optimization, positioning, brand voice, and relevance. This provides a well-formed picture of where the branding stands within the current market.

Email Campaigns

JSA will develop written campaigns to be sent via email using proven subject lines and highly rated content.

Ad Development

JSA will identify platforms that would be beneficial ad placement across a variety of appropriate mediums and develop and execute ad campaigns with quarterly themes and areas of strategic focus. JSA will interface with external “creative” firms to accomplish ad development.

Original Content

JSA will cultivate and create original content including blog articles for client, press releases for previous (where applicable) or upcoming accomplishments, and copywriting for all external client facing media.

Public Relations

JSA will assist in communicating the client’s strengths, offerings, and voice. This is usually accomplished by promoting thought leadership content to third-party platforms, advocating and scheduling speaking engagements for the client, liaising with the media on behalf of the client, and other related public relations objectives.

Asset Creation

JSA will direct engaging and relevant photo productions to buttress and underscore the client’s strengths. These productions will be in concert with the larger marketing plan and will add significantly to the available media library.

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